OFFENSIVE CONTENT WARNING: The game heavily relies on the use of political criticism and comedy. All of its characters are based on political figures from Mexico, both as a satire and a critic due to the general incompetence and insolence shown to its population, and specifically to the medical personel  that is helping us trough the global health crisis (specially true on the case of the infected civil servant that literally spitted on the hospital staff).

About the game

Venture yourself trough this challenging run & gun adventure about a civil servant trying to contain a pandemic and expel its perpetuators. Enjoy the original music, fluid combat, craftable gun system, and beautifly hand-drawn animations made by GUSA.

This game was made for the JamCraft5  in ten days.

Controls (Recommended)

  • WASD Keys - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump | Double Jump
  • Left Click - Shoot.
  • Right Click - Dodge.

Controls - Alternate (No Mouse)

  • Arrow Keys - Move
  • Spacebar - Jump | Double Jump
  • X - Shoot.
  • Z - Dodge.

External Assets

Unless listed below, all the assets were made during the jam.

  • Font
    • Organic Teabags by Chequered Ink - Obtained from DaFont.

Creation Specifics

  • Unity3D - Game Engine.
  • LMMS  - Music Composition.
  • Audacity - Sound effect creation and edition.
  • Krita - Graphic elements.

Huge shoutout to GUSA for the amazing hand-drawn art.

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