About the game

Venture yourself trough this challenging top-down shooter adventure about a random dude trying to wake up from a nightmare. Enjoy the original music, chaos-driven fluid combat, and beautiful art made by GUSA.

This game was made for the GMTKJam  in 48 hours.


  • WASD Keys - Move.
  • Left Click - Shoot.
  • Right Click - Dodge.

External Assets

Unless listed below, all the assets were made during the jam.

  • Font
    • Circus Manerus by Woodcutter - Obtained from DaFont.
  • SFX
    • Obtained from Production Crate.

Creation Specifics

  • Unity3D - Game Engine.
  • Cakewalk by BandLab  - Music Composition.
  • Audacity - Sound edition.
  • Krita - Graphic elements.

Huge shoutout to GUSA for the amazing hand-drawn art.

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nice game <3